Sunday, November 23, 2008


If your pup is facing an amputation, or you just need help and advice from those experienced in amputation and what it means for your dog, the BEST resource around is the Tripawds site.

A lot of people consider amputation to be worse than death for their active pup, but trust me, dogs are better able to adapt a LOT better than humans when it comes to amputation because they have three other legs to support them.

The majority of dogs who have an amputation adapt amazingly well to life on three legs and can do what they use to do with four.

For some inspiring stories of dogs that don't know they lost a leg, or two, visit the sites below:

Tripawds (support, advice, and inspirational stories)

Faith the two-legged dog

Dominic the two legged greyhound video below

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hydrocephalus in Pets

There's a wonderful new Website created by Baby Love's mom that gives wonderful and educational information on Hydrocephalus in pets.

If you need to know about this condition, I highly recommend this site, from someone who lived and loved a very special dog with the condition.

Hydrocephalus in Pets