Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Tips for Pet Owners

Every year the ASPCA puts out some very wise guidance for the holidays. Check it out so your Thanksgiving doesn't include a trip to the ER.

I'd also like to remind people to be cautious and mindful of your pets during the holidays. Its a busy time of the year, and you may have guests coming into and going out of your home that may not be mindful of your pet.

  • Make sure your guests know the pet rules
  • Make sure your guests are careful that no pets escape when they are going into or leaving your home
  • Sometimes, if your pet is the nervous type, putting them in a quiet room or crated while your guests are around will help them feel more comfortable
  • Make sure you are aware of all of the holiday decorations and other items that may be harmful or poisonous to your pet are out of their reach (the ASPCA has a great list here)
  • Have your Emergency Vet number in a place where you can reach it quickly if you have to use it.
  • The ASPCA poison control number should also be handy (remember, there may be a charge for using their service, but having used it in the past... its worth it, even if you just need it for peace of mind). The Poison control Web site also has a great list of bad items that may cause your pet distress.
Most of all, have a safe, and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Gimpy Dogs!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Book About Amputation

The Tripawds gang has been very helpful to the Gimpy Dogs gang and their friends, helping people understand that amputation is NOT a death sentence, actually for most dogs its a new leash on a pain free life.

Tripawds has just introduced their new book: "Three Legs & A Spare – a Canine Amputation Handbook" The new e-book is for anyone facing amputation for their canine companion. The interactive PDF is a comprehensive collection of the best tips and advice for a successful recovery and life on three legs.

I highly encourage anyone who is facing, has faced, or is just interested in reading about how a procedure that seems so radically intrusive can give your dog life!

Thanks Rene and Jim for your tireless efforts to educate the pet community on amputation, and for your good work!

The gimpy dogs gang!