Sunday, January 30, 2011

Physical Therapy Resources

During Sam's spine surgery recovery, we found that swim therapy helped him develop back his atrophied muscles without putting a strain on his back and limbs.  Swim therapy is also great for low impact exercise for older dogs, for taking off some pounds on an overweight dog, and just for a good, fun cardio workout.

I have to admit, Sam HATED swimming.  Apparently some huskies don't swim well, and Sam was terrified of the bubbles in the swimming pool, so he'd swim in a circle and try to escape as much as possible.  He did LOVE the rinse off, blow dry and rough towel time after his swim, and when we'd take him to the pool, he'd try to make a dash for the rinse off room, hoping he could do that instead of swimming.

Here are a list of resources to help you find physical therapy and swim therapy for your gimpy dog, if you should ever need it.   

NOTE: Please work with your vet to ensure that swim or any other type of therapy is suitable to your dog's recovery.

Land of Pure Gold Foundation list of physical therapy and rehab assistance in the US and Canada

International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork/ Association of Canine Water Therapy

In Maryland, we highly recommend VOSM for all things orthopedic and physical therapy, they are the BEST and Sam approves of them highly!

The Canine Rehabilitation Center (good links)