Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lumps, Bumps, and Moles - Oh My

Everyone has felt them... a bump or lump that wasn't there the last time you ruffled the fluff on your pup.  What is that????  Of course, if you are like everyone else, you immediately fear the worst.

Most lumps and bumps are benign (harmless), but it is a very good practice to give your pups a good feel all over to figure out where these lumps and bumps are, keep an eye on them for changes, growing, or bursting.

You should tell your vet about them at regular health check ups, and also tell them if there are any changes in them when those changes occur.

You should also tell your groomer about them so they don't cut them off accidentally and cause issues and pain.

Here are links to resources to determine whether your pup's lump, bump, or mole is something to be concerned about and be seen immediately.

General lumps and bumps overview with links

Lipoma (fatty tumors) 

Lipoma Marvistavet resource

Sebaceous cyst (great video)

Sebaceous Tumors/Cysts

Strange, scary lumps called viral papillomas or warts (great video and write up)

Adenomas and Lipomas (great video)

Viral Papillomas Marvistavet resource

Mammary Tumors

Lymph Node inflammation

Where the heck are the lymph nodes on my dog... read this

Need a video to find them... then click here

A good list of all of the various lumps and bumps... don't pick the worst and freak out, just go see your vet for a diagnosis, 9 times out of 10... it's just a bump.

Perianal Gland Lump: Lump near the rump?  Don't freak, have it looked at.  Remember, most are benign

More lump near the rump information from Marvistavet