Help Organizations

Sometimes your pet becomes ill or injured and the cost of treatment is expensive. Below is a list of organizations that MAY be able to help you afford or provide low cost treatment for your gimpy. Remember, it doesn't hurt to ask, all they will say is "no", so try as many as possible.

Also, some breed specific clubs offer a vet assistance fund. Please check with your local breed specific chapter to see if one exists in your area.

The good people at Tripawds also has a list of help organizations, so I highly recommend you visit their list as well.  To see their list, click here 

If you are a 501(c)3 Rescue and need help raising funds for gimpy dogs, please contact Gimpy Dogs to arrange to have your dog posted for fund raising. All links will go to your non-profit site, and all money will be donated straight to your organization.

Pet Food Stamps 

Brown Dog Foundation 

Senior Dogs Project

Orthodogs Silver Lining

Lab Med (for rescued labs)

Handicapped Pets Help Fund

Corgi Aid

UK Assistance with Vet Funds

The Pet Fund

Care Credit



United Animal Nation

The Travis Fund

Labrador Lifeline

Help a Pet organization

The Magic Bullet Fund (Helping dogs with cancer)

Actors and Other Animals (Serving the Greater Los Angeles, CA areas)

Pets in Need (Redwood City, CA area)

Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF) San Francisco Bay area cities

Ashley's Angel Fund (North Carolina)

Bearen Foundation (Eugene, OR)

Volunteer Services for Animals (Rhode Island)

Good Samaritan Fund (Washington State University)

The ACME Foundation (Cobb, CA)

Pet Samaritan Fund (Utah)

University of Georgia College of Veterinarian Medicine (pdf brochures of various help funds)

Save Our Siberians - assist Siberian Husky rescue groups and individuals with non-routine expenses incurred for rescue dogs.

Help your dog fight cancer financial resource link

Angels for Animals 

Brown Dog Foundation

Canine Cancer Awareness

Diabetic Pets Fund

Extend Credit

God's Creatures Ministry

NY SAVE (New York) 

Pigger's Pals

Shakespeare Animal Fund

The Mosby Foundation